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David Miller

David Miller

Sales Agent

I am here for you!

I have lived in our beautiful town for almost 50 years. I know it well.

My mom, Joan Miller, sold real estate here while I was still attending Davis High School in 1971.  My wonderful wife of over 30 years and my son and granddaughters live in Davis as well.  I began listing and selling Davis real estate back in 1985.  I love it now more than ever.  Today’s real estate market and process is completely different than it was in 1985.  We have so many new rules, regulations and laws in place to protect sellers and buyers alike.

I am here to help you with all your real estate needs. I hold a California Real Estate Brokers License, and I’m a California Lawyer as well.  I became a Broker and an Attorney to enhance my knowledge and my value to my clients.  It’s paid off time and time again, from precise contract explanations to complex negotiations and achieving the highest possible price for your home. I have a real passion for helping folks achieve their real estate goals.  I would love to work with you.  Call me today.